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    Rubber Available Listing (18 records found)
    Rubber Coated Fabric     A 13/2277    
    The material is a cotton / polyester blend fabric coated with Nitrile rubber using a calendaring process. The material is in 60 inch wide rolls with a thickness of .019 +/- .002 of an inch.
    Material(s) Available in: DuBois, PA
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    tubing     A 13/2305    
    red,yellow and light blue 48 inch length
    Material(s) Available in:
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Cured / Uncured Rubber     A 13/2382    
    Process waste from extrusion and molding operation. Wide variety of polymer based materials. Some with reinforcement.
    Material(s) Available in: Paris, TN
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    scrap rubber     A 13/2395    
    epdm,sbr,nitrile,natural rubber. Scrap end cuts, press flash
    Material(s) Available in: KEOKUK, IA
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Rubber Hose     A 13/2513    
    Scrap pieces of 2"-4" Tank Truck Style Hose wire reinforced
    Material(s) Available in: OK
    CONTACT: Shane Bowman, 405-474-8619
    Heavy mine cable rubber jacket-rubber     A 13/2564    
    The US Bureau of Mines approved flame resistant electrical cable rubber jackets in 6 foot lengths. Free of metal.
    Material(s) Available in: Middlesboro, KY
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Used Passenger & LT Tires     A 13/2624    
    We are a retailer located in Huntsville, AL with approx 1,000 used tires available each month for rubber recycling. Please contact us with removal offers at 256-534-0303. Mention Renew Exchange.
    Material(s) Available in: AL
    CONTACT: Fay, 2563444363
    Wasted Scrap Tires in Bales     A 13/2626    
    Baled tires ready to ship continuously, in 40HC containers loaded to 58,000 pounds maximum.
    Material(s) Available in: San Juan,
    CONTACT: Edgardo Velazquez, 787-645-7381
    Inner tubes from tires     A 13/2627    
    Wasted inner tubes, clean and ready to ship. We can load a 20 feet container to specifications.
    Material(s) Available in: San Juan,
    CONTACT: Edgardo Velazquez, 787-645-7381
    waste tires     A 13/2630    
    used tires car and truck for recycling material.
    Material(s) Available in: pottstown, PA
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    SBR UNCURED RUBBER     A 13/2764    
    uncured scrap SBR\NR compound in sheet form SBR\NR scrap uncured rubber compound in sheet(wig-wag,strip) form
    Material(s) Available in: AVON, MA
    CONTACT: charles mouaga, 857-266-0302
    Used rubber conveyor belts     A 13/3834    
    We sell New / used rubber nylon conveyor belts.
    Material(s) Available in: Somerville, MA
    CONTACT: Joe Leonard, 800-531-0632
    Dupont Hypalon 20     A 13/4857    
    General Hypalon® Information: Vulcanizates of this chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber are highly resistant to ozone, oxygen, weather, heat, oil, and chemicals. Hypalon resists discoloration on exposure to light and is widely used in light-colored vulcanizates. It can be compounded to give excellent mechanical properties. Several grades are available, all of which may be processed and used in the usual manner for solid elastomeric vulcanizates. Various grades of Hypalon have been used in single-ply roofing systems; auto power steering and oil cooler hoses; chemical-resistant liners; cable sheathing; and other coatings.
    Material(s) Available in: Casa Grande, AZ
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Waste tires     A 13/5953    
    I have several car/truck tires i need gone asap.
    Material(s) Available in: Bastrop, TX
    CONTACT: DENE WAGNER, 15128973302
    Tire Derived Aggregates/recycled tires     A 13/6052    
    3"-12" tire shreds
    Material(s) Available in: Burnet, TX
    CONTACT: David Schussler, 512-756-8218
    By-product Pond Rubber     A 13/7096    
    Pond Rubber contains SBR, carbon black, and other trace impurities. The material can be transported by truck or rail.
    Material(s) Available in: TX
    CONTACT: Jenai Papillion, 409-721-1694
    Recycled Truck , Car Tire SideWalls     A 13/7294    
    Recycled Truck,Car Tire SideWalls or Bunker Silos Radial Truck Tire Scrap, Tire Tread. Inner Tubes, OTR. more information call or Texts or email me at
    Material(s) Available in: Ozark, MO
    CONTACT: Henry Quick, 417-230-6681
    Uncured Silicone Rubber     A 13/7399    
    Out of spec. silicone condensation base (slightly thicker, non-flowing) 1740lbs (4drums) base to be mixed 20:1 (w/w) with a curing agent provided. 60-90min potlife when mixed 16hr de-mold 15-20 Shore A Durometer
    Material(s) Available in: Grapevine, TX
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program

    Renew Disclaimer

    It is the legal responsibility of each party to determine whether a listed material is a hazardous waste or a hazardous material. Hazardous wastes must be managed in accordance with all relevant hazardous waste regulations and laws. RENEW is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous material or hazardous waste or create a hazardous situation. RENEW reserves the right not to list a material, to delist a material, or edit information provided by the listing party.

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