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    Miscellaneous Wanted Listing (14 records found)
    Acoustical Ceilings     W 11/1949    
    Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program enables bldg owners & contractors to ship old acoustical ceilings from renovation projects to Armstrong as an alternative to landfill disposal. Armstrong pays freight for full truckloads (30,000 SFT ), options for less than truckload please call 877 276 7876 ext 6278.
    Material(s) Wanted in: TX
    CONTACT: Ketih Mullen, 877-276-7876
    used engin oil,used cooking oil.     W 11/2664    
    - used cooking oil acid oils for soapmaking -used engine oils,furnace oils -waste solvents or chemicals -marine slop ,slop oil
    Material(s) Wanted in: NY
    CONTACT: Mohamed tantawi, 006421146672
    Consumer Commodities     W 11/1463     08- 1682
    Consumer products wanted of any form to be used for recycling, reuse, reformulation, or donations. Accept any form of packaging. Serving all of North America. E-mail:
    Material(s) Wanted in: NC
    CONTACT: Greg Meurs, 336-905-7231
    Spent Rechargeable Batteries     W 11/1696    
    Amlon is seeking large quantities of spent rechargeable batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel metal-hydride, lithium-ion, sealed lead). Please contact with quantities and types available.
    Material(s) Wanted in: any,
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Spent Steel Shot / Grit     W 11/1796    
    Material(s) Wanted in: Pittsburgh, PA
    CONTACT: Jay Lenick, 412-310-5586
    X ray Film with silver recovery     W 11/2355    
    Want large quantities of xray film with silver recovery. We provide shipping.
    Material(s) Wanted in:
    CONTACT: Ruenette "Maggie" Bolden, 409-728-5465
    Textbooks     W 11/2356    
    Want used textbooks. Large quantities accepted on a continous basis.
    Material(s) Wanted in:
    CONTACT: Ruenette "Maggie" Bolden, 409-728-5465
    Freon     W 11/2393    
    Refrigerant gases used new or surplus. CFC gases have value. Cradle to grave paperwork.
    Material(s) Wanted in: NJ
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Refrigerant gases     W 11/2418    
    Used or surplus CFC gases for responsible reclamation or Destruction
    Material(s) Wanted in: Any, Ot
    CONTACT: Greg Canniff, 800-642-9777
    Agricultural and specialty intermediates     W 11/2681    
    Looking for surplus intermediates for Agricultural and fine chemical production.
    Material(s) Wanted in: TX
    CONTACT: Todd Pencarinha, 713-568-3651
    10 used two or three yard trash dumpsters     W 11/4842    
    Looking for ten (10) used two or three yard trash dumpsters for youth recycling project in Enid, OK. Condition does not matter. They will be emptied manually so rear or front does not make a difference. Can provide nonprofit letter for donation.
    Material(s) Wanted in: OK
    CONTACT: Chris Feeney, 580-234-3627
    Surplus chemicals & oxidizers wanted     W 11/4912    
    Email for a list of chemicals we can use. Bulk bags, boxes and drums. Out of date, overstock or slightly out of spec. Materials include metal powders, oxidizers, chlorinated rubber powders, polyols, casting resins, isocyanates, pulybutadiene resins, epoxies, curatives, nitrocellulose, solvents, metal salts, food grade binders and thickening agents, adhesives, etc..
    Material(s) Wanted in: ID
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program
    Lithium AED batteries     W 11/7055    
    We take hazardous waste lithium batteries without charge! The AED Battery Exchange (ABE) takes hazardous waste lithium batteries from AED’s without charge! We will even pay the freight if you have a minimum of 10 batteries. ABE is a Green Technology company committed to providing green alternatives to high cost AED (Automated External Defibrillator) batteries. We are currently accepting the Cardiac Science 9146 battery.
    Material(s) Wanted in: Wauconda, IL
    CONTACT: Cindy Williamson, 218-233-7889
    Phospholan Teap     W 11/7349    
    Surfactant, very specific. Need this exact product.
    Material(s) Wanted in: TX
    Confidential Listing, Please contact the RENEW Program

    Renew Disclaimer

    It is the legal responsibility of each party to determine whether a listed material is a hazardous waste or a hazardous material. Hazardous wastes must be managed in accordance with all relevant hazardous waste regulations and laws. RENEW is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous material or hazardous waste or create a hazardous situation. RENEW reserves the right not to list a material, to delist a material, or edit information provided by the listing party.

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